April - Diamond Crystal - Long

April - Diamond Crystal - Long

Well, aren’t you the optimist? Optimistic, successful and healthy! Believe it or not, April babies are more likely to have a naturally positive outlook on life and 10% of CEOs were born in April.  You’re also more likely to be healthier than your friends born in other months.  Aprilians are less likely to stuffer from cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory and reproductive diseases, too. So celebrate the good fortune you’ve been born with and treat yourself to the CATALYST J™ version of your birthstone, the diamond.


Each Catalyst J™ piece is made of the finest quality Austrian crystal and USA made precious metals of your choice: sterling silver, 14kt gold, or 14kt rose gold. 


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  • Special Little Extras

    Every CATALYST J™ piece comes with a tarnish proof storage bag and a cleaning cloth to keep your jewelry as sparking as your personality!