Formulated with Freedom.™


That’s the secret ingredient in Catalyst J,™ and it enhances your ability to be unapologetically you.

Each Catalyst J™ piece of jewelry is handcrafted with precious metal, authentic Swarovski® crystals and designed to be simple, stunning and unapologetic. 

So how did Catalyst J™ come to be?


It started in 2019 when I broke free from the golden handcuffs of corporate America.  Feeling burnt out, uncreative and depleted, I realized I was craving the independence to work for myself to do something for which I had a passion.

Born and raised in northern Michigan, yet having lived in many places across the country, I’ve always felt a calling to be in Colorado. So, I left my executive position at a multi-billion-dollar global company, moved out West and started Catalyst J.™

It took a year of research and development to find the right places to source the materials, perfect the designs and feel comfortable sharing it all with the public. Almost everything is sourced in the USA aside from some of the gold which comes from India and some of the crystals from a small business in Lithuania.

Every Catalyst J™ collection has a featured theme and since everyone has a birthday, it only made sense to launch the Birthstone Collection first with simple yet stunning crystals available for every month of the year.  Next came the Celestial, Elemental and Fantasy Collections out of my love for outer space, the outdoors and fairy tales, respectively.

When creating my collections, the gift buyer is continuously kept in mind.  Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, thank you or sharing a Made in Colorado gift with someone, Catalyst J™ pieces have a variety of colors, metals and sparkle to make the recipient (especially if it’s a gift to yourself) feel beautiful.

In addition to the current collections, I also specialize in custom bridal jewelry for both brides and bridesmaids.

As my business grows, I hope to partner with like minded folks who share my passion for freedom and have my jewelry in their small businesses. And finally...

Where did the name Catalyst J™ came from?


It was born out of my love for chemistry (nerd alert) and the inner energy we all have that gives us the ability to do more than we think we are capable.

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Janelle Routhier
Founder, Owner and Lover of Freedom